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  • Comment: I called Reed's out for a quote on adding insulation to the existing old fiberglass insulation in my attic. Josh showed right on time. He asked to see that attic so he could make give a price quote. After measuring the house and his attic inspection he asked what my goal in adding insulation would be. I explained that keeping the house temp below 80 in the heat was impossible and keeping the above 67 in the winter was also impossible. He then took the time to explain some problem areas. He said he would quote both blown in fiberglass that I requested but also made recommendation and explained why he thought spray foam would be a better solution. That night I received both quotes and chose to give the spray foam a try. Today after two days of non-stop work from there "Super Crews" I am glad to say, my temperature in the house has not moved from 73 degrees exactly where my thermostat is set. Thank you so much to Reed's what a great experience, I could not be more pleased!!!
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